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The Ministry of Sports granted approval to establish the Abha Club Investment Company with commercial registration No. (5850133784) within the governance objectives emanating from the Ministry’s Club Support Strategy initiative.
It is a closed joint stock company established on 3/28/1443 AH with a capital of half a million riyals and aims to establish an attractive investment system to encourage the private sector to invest in Abha Sports Club, and to enable the club to invest its resources to stimulate the growth of the sports economy, and to increase the club’s financial resources .

Corporate Governance

Achieving the standards of the club support strategy and implementing governance

Providing a stimulating investment environment that enhances the club’s resources.

Investing the company’s funds and the club’s investment surpluses, and collecting the revenues from those investments

Participation in investment, endowment, real estate, and other investment funds.

Establishing an investment entity that governs the investment process and manages resources.

Operating all investment, sponsorship, advertising, leasing and rental contracts.

Owning all the investment rights of the club, its players, programs and projects, marketing, operating and selling them, and managing all relations with investors.

Managing all public relations and investment programs and membership programs, collecting revenue and reimbursing associated expenses

Establishing Abha Club investment offices inside or outside the Kingdom wholly owned by the club, or in partnership with local or international investors

Finance Resources

Store sales

Fan ticket sales

tributaries of shepherds

Membership subscriptions

Real Estate Investments

honorary support

Club facility investments

foreign investments

non-traditional investments

direct investments

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